Figment of the Ocean's Imagination
Whichever way she had ended up going, she still wasn’t certain. It could have been up just as much as it could have been down. Eventually, she came to another door and opened it. Peering in, she saw another set of stairs crisscrossing their way down, with gears and clockwork tocking away in the background.
"Hello?" She called, tentatively, listening to the only answer that came: the echo of her voice, tinged with the sound of the gears turning below. - Matthew Siadak
"Up and up and up," came her wondrous whisper at the view of the stairs climbing as far as she could see. Looking down, they were the same. For a moment, she wasn’t sure which way was up after all. - Matthew Siadak
Helping out… 
She had found it in the distance, in the trees, and it had been just as inviting as the first one. As she readied to open the door, she stopped as a sigh came across on a quiet gust of wind, and she looked about, swearing she heard something there. There was nothing to have sighed, but there was another door. And another. And yet two more, one of which of all of them stood red against the earthy greens of the forest. Her eyes were drawn to it, and she wondered if it had been there a moment before?"I must have just missed it, it had to have been there, that door." With that sang in a singsong voice, she let go of the door’s handle and moved closer towards the red door. - Matthew Siadak
Venture forth she did, even though she found herself upside down, there was a certain rightness to it. As she stood to her feet and tested the ground, it was all upside up after all. The ground was firm beneath her feet, and her senses soon reeled in. This was a new world, a dream, it had to be, going from topsy turvy to as right as rain.
She took step after step, testing the ground, and saw trees off in the distance, and what appeared to be another door."Where will that one take me?" She asked, but silence was the only answer this time. - Matthew Siadak
Doors are known to be lonely, and hate to be closed. That’s why an open door is so inviting, and a closed door not. Not all doors are meant to be opened, though, and not all doors take us where we think they should.
"That just can’t be right, can it?" Her words were part amazement, part awe, and perhaps just a little scared.
"Venture forth, girl. There’s more to see."
Summoning the Stoneswatercolor and pen on paper 6x6in
Bottleswatercolor & pen on paper